Experienced engineers from the Atlas Copco “Competence Center Sockets” develop and produce standard and customized sockets covering nearly every tightening situation. More than 1.400 different high-quality Saltus sockets in various versions, lengths and with useful features optimize your assembly operations and increase your productivity. Thanks to our continuous stream of innovations we steadily improve materials, form and function. An outstanding example for sustainable productivity: Our new Long Life sockets which have a three to ten times longer lifetime than normal sockets – depending on your application. Where standard sockets cannot support your assembly process efficiently enough, we develop the optimal, individual and customized solutions in close cooperation with you. These customized sockets are even available in small batches, and if needed within 5-10 working days as express production.

We Cover a Wide Range of Areas Including:

  • Accessories For Sockets
  • Adapters
  • Bit Holders & Bits
  • Bit Sockets
  • Nut Setters
  • Sockets
  • Stud Setters
  • Extensions