Air Inserting Tool

For easy fitting of electric connectors in any application
Insertion of electric connectors in the numerous assembly operations requires very long and difficult manual operations by the worker who still needs to use his own hands or other improper equipment. This light and compact air inserting tool which, with only a few impulses, makes the insertion of connectors fast and easy in all their applications, guaranteeing the greatest ergonomics and maximum accuracy when assembling electric connectors.

Air Marking Pen

Effectively marking any material
It is possible to mark on hard steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, glass, stone, ceramics and plastics etc. It may be used for deburring and for personalizing the workshop tools. It has a reciprocating movement with a 500 – 600 strokes/sec. 3 times more than other pens for a rapid and a very precise marking: it is like writing on paper with a common ball point pen. The hi-tech treatment on the tungsten carbide point ensures a long life.

Air Tools For Cutting

Air cutters for fibreglass, sheet metal
Cutters for fibreglass: With their special diamond head, these are used for cutting fibreglass in the construction of boats, tanks and industrial vehicles. They are provided with a protection device for the suction of dust during the cut. Cutters for metal sheet: These are used in cutting iron, steel and aluminium sheeting, and metal structural work generally, in the construction of caravans, railway carriages, etc… The cut is clean, without shavings or deformations. All the cutters feature have a safety lever to prevent accidental starting.