Tool Calibration

Tool Calibration

Tool calibration is used to maintain instrument accuracy. Calibration is the comparison between the measurement values of a tool and the calibration standard within which the tool must reach as calibration is important for a tools compliance with regulations as well. Widely used in the automotive industry, calibration services provide calibration for a wide variety of air tools and industrial electric tools.

Why Need Tool Calibration?

Tool calibration is necessary to maintain tool accuracy and is required for ISO 9001 registration. There are standard regulations regarding equipment maintenance and quality assurance that needs to be followed. Apart from regulations, it is important to ensure that your measurement instrument is measuring correctly for the following reasons:

  • To maintain or achieve instrument accuracy
  • To reduce the cost of poorly performing tools
  • To improve the performance of processes and the end product

By performing tool calibration, a business can save unnecessary expenses caused by badly performing tools which in turn impacts the quality of processes and the end product. On the other hand, a calibrated tool provides you with these benefits:

  • Improved quality of production
  • Reduced avoidable costs due to rejects and reworks
  • Improved tool performance
  • Longer life of the tool
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Early detection of problems caused by inaccuracy
  • Customer satisfaction

Compliance with National & International Standards

Chapter 7.6 of ISO 9001 refers to calibration of measuring equipment according to standards associated with national or international standards. In chapter, there is stricter ISO/TS 16949 standard that demands that a calibration laboratory be directly accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 although it allows other forms of verification of a laboratory’s capabilities.

Our tool calibration service complies with national and international parameters. Our certified calibration engineers routinely conduct calibrations for a wide variety of tools in the UK. We have the required skill, equipment and knowledge to precisely calibrate a variety of air and electric tools.

Trained Engineers

At Total Air Tools, the calibration of air tools is conducted by specialists. Our highly qualified, trained engineers have an in-depth knowledge of the functionality of each tool, calibration standards and the calibration process required. With years of experience in calibration, they provide quick and accurate measuring results.

We have established procedures to conduct tool calibration for both torque and angle tools. After your tool is calibrated, it provides an accurate reading as well as complying with national and international standards.

Tool Calibration – We Make It Simple

We offer complete tool calibration solutions where you simply send your tool to us and we return it to you accurately calibrated and complying with industry standards. Your tool is returned to you as quickly as possible and is ready for use as soon as it reaches you.

To make the calibration process quick and simple, we have in-house engineers and technicians who begin to work on your tool as soon as it reaches us. A thorough calibration is conducted where accuracy in measurement is of the highest importance. All calibrations performed by us are conducted by specialists with experience who provide a Calibration Certificate along with the tool to prove its compliance with regulations.

Our quick and simple procedures are geared to offer you peace of mind while ensuring that your tools are calibrated accurately so that you don’t face problems arising out of tool inaccuracy.

Repair Services

With time, accuracy of measuring equipment is lost. This may be due to wear and tear, or exposure to disturbances such as electric shocks or hazardous environments. Any machine, however sturdy, will require repairs at some point in its life. When conducting calibration, we sometimes detect a problem in the tool that is causing inaccuracy in measurement.

Since we are a complete tool maintenance service, we have in-house qualified engineers and technicians who take care of any repairs needed that may be affecting the performance of the tool.

In the case of a repair, you are informed of the problem and its cost. It is only after your approval is received that we carry out the repair. After the repair is completed, the tool is again taken for calibration. After the tool is calibrated, we sent the tool back to you, fully calibrated and working at its optimal level of productivity.

Calibration & Maintenance of Tools

Often, businesses overlook the importance of calibration even when they regularly get their business machinery serviced. Including calibration in regular servicing is a great way to minimise errors and defects in the end product. Calibration can be seen as a preventive measure to avoid unnecessary costs and hassle that defective products lead to.

Calibration is not a lengthy process and doesn’t take long to complete. Though calibration should always be conducted by experts in a controlled environment, it does not mean your tool will be out of service for days or weeks. With Total Air Tools calibration service, you receive your tool in less than a few days, fully calibrated and ready for use.

Credible Results – Traceability

For quality tool calibration, measuring equipment is used that is metrologically traceable to national and international standards. Traceability is defined as the “the result of a measurement or the value of a standard whereby it can be related to stated references, usually national or international standards’

ISO/QS 9000 does not use the word traceability directly, but requires (calibration of inspection, measuring and test equipment) against certified equipment to comply with international or national standards. Traceability is achieved through calibration of standards by an external calibration laboratory or through calibration by a qualified engineer.

When conducting calibration in a laboratory or customer’s premises, the space must be monitored to limit temperature and humidity. The room temperature should be between 18°C and 28°C, ideally between 20ºC and 22ºC. Humidity in the room should not exceed a maximum of 90%. If there is a difference in temperature during calibration of over 1°, the calibration must be repeated.

Traceability gives you precise results that help in taking corrective actions. Metrological traceability in calibration is presented as a pyramid where different levels of traceability are shown. You can ensure measurements are traceable by getting your tools frequently calibrated and choosing a reliable service for conducting it.

We take every step to achieve quality results in traceability, including measuring uncertainty. Thanks to our skilled calibration engineers, we achieve precise calibration results in a variety of tools.

Inspection of the Tool

Upon receiving a tool either in a laboratory or customer’s premises, thorough inspection of the tool is provided. The present condition of the tool is recorded and it is checked to establish its working condition. It is only after this initial inspection that the tool is accepted for calibration. If the tool has issues before calibration and requires repair work, repair is carried out after receiving consent from its owner.

Calibration Certificate

A calibration certificate is provided to the customer, as a record of the calibration and its results. Depending upon your geographical location, a calibration certificate may vary, but essentially it will include:

  • Date and temperature/humidity levels at the time of calibration
  • The condition of the tool at the time of receiving
  • The condition of the tool at the time of return
  • Traceability results
  • Standards used during calibration

Every calibration certificate has a unique identification number, name of the manufacturer, details of the tool, name and address of the laboratory/service, and customer’s name and address. The certificate is proof of the calibration and its results. In case of an audit, it provides proof of compliance with the regulations.

Total Air Tools provides a calibration certificate for every calibration conducted, which consists of all relevant details you require.

Difference between Servicing and Calibration

Servicing of a tool does not include calibration though calibration can be conducted along with servicing. Calibration is a specialised measurement that requires calibration specialists and precise environmental conditions. Servicing does not provide measured reliable parameters, which calibration does.

Servicing can be done at any temperature and environment whereas calibration requires specific temperature, humidity level and monitoring units. Servicing is performed to improve productivity and longevity of an equipment while calibration is conducted to obtain accurate measurements to ensure the tool is operating under the acceptable limit.

Request a Quote

You can request a quote for the calibration of your tool and receive a quick response from our friendly support staff. Whatever your calibration needs be, we have the skills and the expertise to meet them expertly. We calibrate and return your air tool right after we complete the the service, meaning you can begin using your newly calibrated tool in no time.

Customer Care

For us, our customers are our priority. Total Air Tools has been serving customers air tools in the UK for over 30 years, gaining trust through thanks to a quality service. Our company procedures aim to provide you with the most convenient and affordable service for maintaining your air tools and industrial electric tools.

With us, you benefit from:

  • High quality service
  • Qualified, trained engineers
  • Quick response time
  • Quality after sales care
  • Courteous and friendly staff

Whether you wish to purchase or repair an air or electric tool, or use our tool calibration service, we offer an unmatchable quality.

Why Choose Total Air Tools Calibration

Calibration can only be conducted correctly by a trained professional. Though cheaper options may seem attractive, it is cost-effective in the long run to get your tools calibrated by a certified engineer. Total Air Tools has qualified engineers with years of experience in tool calibration. They use their deep knowledge of calibration and skills gained through years of service to expertly conduct a calibration that provides precise and accurate results.

Along with quality and accuracy, we also consider time important. We understand that you need to use the tool for daily business operations. That’s why we do our best to calibrate the tool as soon as possible. Our engineers begin their work on your tool soon after it reaches us so that we can send it back to you as quickly as possible.

With Total Air Tools, you can experience peace of mind, as we take care of the maintenance of your business tools for you.

Total Air Tools Services

Total Air Tools has been offering a variety of quality services, including the servicing and repair of industrial tools since for decades. Our vast knowledge base, expertise and experience ensures a high standard of customer care. With our quality services, you are at peace regarding the performance and health of your air tools.

Our processes are designed to give you maximum value and convenience every step of the way. You experience the highest quality customer service before, during and after the work. We ensure that you face as little inconvenience as possible in maintaining your equipment. No matter how complex a problem, we have a ready solution for it.

If you have need servicing, repair or calibration services for any pneumatic tool or industrial electric tool, please give us a call at 01926 857193 at our head office in Coventry or 01628 823000 at our southern office in Maidenhead. You may also email us at [email protected] or contact us through our contact us page. Experience the highest quality care with Total Air Tools.