DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester Series.

Verify the torque output of your manual, pneumatic and electric screwdrivers with the DRTQ Touch Screen Torque Tester. It’s bench mount design and wide torque measuring range make it well-suited for use in the production area, repair shop, or quality control lab.

  • Full color LCD touch screen
  • Processes statistical calculations: CP, CPK, Sigma
  • On screen statistics: Torque calculator and graphing performance analysis
  • Export data directly to an SD
  • Automatic screen rotation (level sensor flips screen between vertical and horizontal mode)
  • ‘Quick Run’ mode provides the ability to quickly audit and verify a tool
  • ‘Measure Mode’ allows users to establish acceptable tolerances-eight configurable torque test profiles available
  • Eight available measurement units: in.oz, in.lb, ft.lb, Nm, cNm, kgF.cm, gF.cm, kgF.m
  • Li-on technology provides extended battery life
  • Battery saving features: Sleep Mode, Back Light, Timer, Automatic Shutdown
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous use- 12 hours standby
  • Peak mode: for use with manual, electric,pneumatic and cordless torque controlled tools(not for use with impact tools)
  • Track Mode: For use with dial or electronic torque wrenches
  • Advanced user programmable options: Auto-clear, Date/Time, Peak Time, Screen Brightness
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in North America

Model Number
Torque Range

DRTQ-160-z 16.00-160.00 in-ozs (0.11-1.13 Nm)

DRTQ-10-i 1.00-10.00 in-lbs (0.11-1.13 Nm)

DRTQ-25-i 2.50-25.00 in-lbs (0.28-2.82 Nm)

DRTQ-100-i 10.00-100.00 in-lbs (1.13-11.30 Nm)

DRTQ-250-i 25.00-250.00 in-lbs (2.82-28.25 Nm)

DRTQ-100-f 10.00-100.00 ft-lbs (13.56-135.58 Nm)