Air Grinders

Maximum power, flexibility and safety.
Powerful models able to work effectively in different applications. Their safety lever avoids the possibility of accidental start, ensuring maximum operator protection; they are sturdy and require minimum maintenance for continuous efficiency and long lifetime; fast, compact and light to improve productivity and greater operator comfort. Indispensable tools for grinding, chamfering, grooving, removing materials, sanding, finishing, cutting, brushing, polishing, roughing etc.

Grinders with turbine air motor

Boost up your process using the Fiam grinders!
If you want extraordinary power and high speed, Fiam grinders with turbine air motor are the solution for you. You can use them for removing, scrubbing and leveling of cast-iron-parts, steel parts, welding seams, non-ferrous metals of all types. Their extraordinary power allows to work in all fields and in very difficult conditions, considerably reducing processing times. In fact, compared to a traditional grinder, these new tools translate their higher power into high capacity for material removal, shorter cycle time, lower operator fatigue. Solutions that work in 24/7 operations. Pure power, at your service, that never stops.

Air Sanders

Maximum power, flexibility and safety.
Angle, vertical, straight models to efficiently work in different applications. Their safety lever avoids the possibility of accidental start; they need minimum maintenance for a continuous working efficiency; they work rapidly guaranteeing high productivity for sanding bodywork mechanical constructions, fiberglass, marble , wood as well as for cleaning rust off painted surfaces. The sanders for wet work are used on large bodywork surfaces.