Top Performance Atlas Copco Air Motors available here at Total Air Tool Services.

Here at Total Air Tools we have a wide range of Atlas Copco Air Motors available. With power yields from 0.1-6.5 kW, our air motors are minimal and dependable with high energy to-weight proportions. Our Atlas Copco Grease free air motors are accessible in sizes up to 300 W. Stainless steel air motors are additionally accessible, perfect for the food and chemical businesses because of their ability to withstand destructive situations. Notwithstanding the standard range Total Air Tool Services can offer bespoke Atlas Copco air motors adjusted to individual client’s requests.

LZB Vane Air Motor

Reliable performance and quality design

The Atlas Copco LZB vane air motors are compact, lightweight and occupy only one-sixth of the space of an electric motor of the same power. The LZB vane motors are tough and are virtually unaffected by harsh environments. Atlas Copco air motors are ATEX certified for equipment used in potentially explosive environments, in compliance with ATEX directive. The LZB range is available in steel and stainless steel and its compact design ensure easy installation and high power to size ratio. Our slim, multi-step planetary gears are robust and are known for excellent durability.


  • Compact design
  • Lube free vanes
  • Brake models available
  • Stainless steel range
  • IP rating 66-69
  • ATEX certified


  • High power-to-volume ratio
  • Excellent reliability
  • Low air consumption
  • Smooth operation
  • Long vane life

LZL Vane motors

Direct driven air motors with or without an helical gear.

Includes : 

  • LZL Vane Air Motor
  • LZL Vane Air Motor with Helical Gear

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TZB Turbine Air Motor

Boost your productivity and save energy

The Atlas Copco TZB turbine air motor has a compact design with two mounting options for easy installation as standard. It is geared for high torque applications and capable of maintaining stable speed under load. Designed and built for tough applications, the TZB outlasts and outperforms. The turbine technology in the TZB air motor range offers the most efficient use of compressed air. The motor also contains a speed governor that ensures stable speed even when the load increases.


  • Hight efficiency
  • Lubrication free
  • Low noise level
  • Hight power to weight ratio
  • Stable speed under the load
  • ATEX certified


  • High efficiency
  • Low air consumption
  • Easy speed control
  • Long service life
  • Clean room

PZB Piston Air Motor

Energy-efficient and durable air drive unit

The Atlas Copco PZB piston air motor is energy efficient and has unique low speed and high starting torque features, adding value in mixing and conveying applications. The compact design and flange configurations make it easy to install. The PZB air motor is ATEX certified and operates without lubrication, making it ideal for white room and chemical, as well as automation and handling applications.


  • Lubrication free
  • Optimized for low speed
  • Low noise level
  • IEC mounting available
  • Nema mounting available
  • ATEX certified


  • 25% more efficient than vane technology
  • Suitable for clean and sterile environments
  • Safe in explosive atmospheres
  • Low air consumption
  • Durable