Power Focus 6000

A Controller platform to take your assembly into the connected future

The Power Focus 6000 from Atlas Copco takes productivity, ergonomics, quality and connectivity to entirely new levels. And all this while minimizing environmental impact. The Power Focus 6000 connects a wide range of Atlas Copco assembly tools, giving you a single assembly platform in your station. With Virtual Stations each tool gets its own virtual controller that is easily addressed from overlying systems. The perfect option for your smart connected assembly operation.


  • Connects a wide range of tool types
  • Virtual Stations – connect up to 6 tools to one controller
  • Web HMI – easy remote connection
  • Results, process information and programming on 7” touch screen
  • Dedicated factory network port, fieldbus slot, DIO and Open Protocol
  • IAM module that carries all controller software
  • On demand functionality via the Functionality Management System
  • Connectors protected behind lockable front door


  • Increased flexibility in rebalancing assembly lines including integration of new tools
  • Streamlined communication to overlying interfaces
  • Easy installation with fewer cables, hardware components and network drops
  • State of the art connectivity through both WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Reduced inventory costs

ToolsTalk 2

Take line management to the next level

ToolsTalk 2, the new generation software in controller programming, is ready to take your line management to the next level. The client-server based software solution is geared to provide quick and easy configuration, as well as complete visibility and traceability to your entire line structure. Built on a state-of-the-art user experience and with an extended amount of unique features. Tailored to fit your needs and optimized to get the job done. It allows you to delegate additional features at any time to respective stations, through the embedded simple Functionality Management System (FMS). With 100% customizable user rights, you maintain quality control in complex production systems and increase uptime in production critical operations.


  • Configuration master of PowerFocus6000, PF6 FlexSystem, accessories, multistep, Fieldbus and Soft plc
  • Traces analysis and export
  • Line structure management
  • Active directory and user administration
  • Embedded Functionality Management System
  • Programs library containing full history
  • Offline and Global programming
  • Line software visibility and management


  • Reduced training needed due to simple and user friendly interface
  • Reduced defects with global programs and error notifications
  • Efficient new product introduction through quick and easy line configuration
  • Improved productivity due to visibility and traceability on program changes
  • Increased uptime due to live results analysis and line software management
  • Full line control thanks to 100% customizable user access permissions

ToolsNet 8

The complete assembly process improvement tool

ToolsNet 8 is a data collection and process improvement software that is personalized to your needs, based on a reliable production data collection and aimed to provide simple production analysis. The software gives you the capability to continuously enhance your processes. It gives you full control resulting in less rework, higher quality and maximum uptime.


  • Dashboard & adjustable widgets
  • Statistical analysis
  • Trace and reference trace analysis
  • Detailed tool and controller connection overview
  • NOK trend notification
  • Reports favorites management
  • Programs comparison
  • Data archiving


  • Increased productivity and flexibility
  • Excellent user interface and customizable view per user
  • Reduced rework with retroactive analysis of traces and comparison with reference trace
  • Maximized uptime with automated notifications when trends occur
  • Reduced legal costs by safeguarding full data over the years