Tensor STR Electric Nutrunner

High productivity gets the green light

Take productivity to never before reached levels with the revolutionary Tensor STR Electric Nutrunner. Using Atlas Copco’s patented and proven TurboTight technology, this tool combines faster tightening speeds with exceptional ergonomics to deliver outstanding performance. Tensor STR handles angle controlled tightening with very high precision thanks to models with an integrated gyroscope using the TrueAngle function. The compact unit is packed with many other innovative features that make the job easier and safer for the operator.


  • Dual accessories support
  • IP54 protection class
  • TurboTight technology
  • Built in gyroscope
  • Reduced weight
  • Configurable LEDs and integrated speaker


  • Lowest cost of operations due to increased robustness
  • Extreme productivity due to faster tightening
  • Perform angle controlled tightening without operator influence
  • Unsurpassed operator comfort through excellent ergonomics
  • Accurate operator guidance because of precise feedback

Tensor SR Electric Nutrunner

High performance accuracy you can rely upon

The Tensor SR Electric Nutrunner deliver Industry leading accuracy in a super compact package. Incredibly strong and powerful for its size, the unit offers an unmatched power to weight ratio. Available in ETV or ETD models, the nutrunner is ideal for use in applications where a shorter tool is needed. The unit enhances operator interaction with the tightening system making it perfect for quality and safety critical applications.


  • Highest power-to-weight ratio tool
  • Top performance in very compact format
  • Torque transducer
  • Built-in signal lights
  • ESD certified


  • Maximum productivity in hard to reach applications
  • Most accurate tightenings and traceability
  • Reliable operator feedback
  • Exceptional assembly quality

Tensor ST Electric Nutrunner

Light in weight high in productivity

Performance and operator comfort are perfectly balanced in the Tensor ST Electric Nutrunner. Designed with low weight and high productivity in mind, this tool features Atlas Copco’s unique Tensor motor with a high speed nutrunner that reduces tightening cycle times. Improved ergonomics make the Tensor ST an ideal choice for hand-held and fixture applications. Accurate tightening feedback ensures assembly quality and safety, while making the tool even more operator friendly.


  • Low weight with ergonomic grip
  • High speed nutrunner
  • Intelligent on-board accessories
  • Integrated configurable LEDs and speaker


  • Superior operator comfort
  • Extreme productivity with faster process times
  • Enhanced assembly quality and safety
  • Clear and precise operator feedback

Tensor ES Electric Nutrunner

Designed for tough working environments

The Tensor ES tool is designed for tough working environments. Its industrial design and brand new torque transducer together makes the decision to go electric easy. With the Tensor ES tools you have an easy and intuitive system for error proofed tightening in quality critical assembly, thanks to the new and revolutionary tightening strategy TurboTight.


  • Single extruded aluminum body protecting internal components
  • Durable motor with higher speeds
  • Error proofed tightening
  • Clear LEDs visible through 360 degrees


  • Higher productivity
  • Improved usability
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Operator friendly with an intuitive user experience


Tensor ST Revo / Revo HA

High access with this smaller, lighter and faster high torque nutrunner. Unique and patented 360° swivel with transducer.

Atlas Copco’s unique Tensor motors give the Tensor range outstanding spindle speeds and, thus, help you achieve lower cycle times in your operation. Exceptional ergonomics in terms of balance, grip and low weight make the tools a favorite of the operators and increase individual productivity. All Tensor tools are equipped with LED’s that will indicate the tightening result, green light for tightening OK and red light for NOK. At Atlas Copco we believe that quality is the road to lowest cost of operation over time. A maintained Tensor tool produces the same performance year after year at minimum and predictable costs while ensuring highest possible uptime.