Tensor SB Cordless Nutrunner

Industrial battery nutrunner

Tensor SB cordless nutrunner from Atlas Copco is a reliable partner in quality critical tightening with advanced level of error proofing. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the Tensor SB ensures superior joint quality, by providing torque and angle monitoring tightening with a variety of error proofing features. Compared to using a corresponding air tool the Tensor SB can dramatically reduce energy consumption and provide next level of quality at the same time. Together these advantages give Tensor SB a unique position in the market.


  • High power-to-weight ratio and ErgoGrip
  • Li-on battery for mobility
  • The torque transducer ensures accurate tightening
  • Embedded industrial communication


  • Suitable for tough industrial environments
  • High quality in every joint
  • Reduced energy consumption leading to lower electricity bills

BCP Cordless Screwdriver

Higher productivity for quality critical assembly operations

The BCP clutch screwdriver is ideal for quality critical joints and applications where flexibility is essential. The slim, well-balanced design and ergonomic pistol grip on the BCP screwdriver makes it a pleasure to hold. With no cables or hoses these screwdrivers are powered by light, high-capacity Lithium-Ion batteries that provide an impressive number of tightenings on one charge. BCP screwdrivers also offer variable speeds and plenty of power within its’ range of torques.


  • Ergonomic pistol-grip design
  • Brushless models offering variable speed
  • Unrivalled clutch design
  • Speed setting unit for regulating speed
  • Two strong front lights for best visibility
  • LED for OK/NOK and battery status Buzzer option
  • Li-Ion battery technology


  • Low noise level
  • Excellent torque repeatability and low mean shift
  • Battery can be mounted in two directions, giving improved accessibility

BCV Cordless Nutrunner

Powerful and durable with superior ergonomics

The BCV clutch nutrunner is a lightweight and handy tool ideal for quality critical joints and applications where flexibility is essential. Its’ compact size and Lithium-Ion batteries put it among the lightest battery nutrunners on the market. The BCV provides variable speed and plenty of power within its’ range of torques levels, offering maximum operator comfort. The slim, well-balanced design and ergonomic angle makes the BCV nutrunner the kind of tool that you can work with all day.


  • High power-to-weight
  • Brushless motor and magnetic hall sensors for high durability
  • Unrivalled clutch design for excellent torque repeatability and low mean shift
  • Two strong front lights for best visibility
  • Speed setting functionality
  • Li-Ion better technology


  • No trip hazards from trailing cables
  • No product damage from cables or hoses
  • High performance and durability
  • Reduced operator fatigue

Tensor STB cordless nutrunner

Experience the freedom of battery tools with unique fastening performance and advanced process control

A fast, light, transducerized cordless tool, the Tensor STB pistol grip nutrunner is ideal for safety critical applications in cramped and large assembly areas where it offers improved accessibility and mobility. No other battery powered tool can match Tensor STB’s unique fastening performance and advanced process control. Atlas Copco Industrial Radio Communication (IRC) enables the Tensor STB to be partnered with a Power Focus controller for accurate torque monitoring and full joint traceability. At a typical workstation, one Tensor STB tool can be used for several applications within the same torque range.

Battery Pulse Tool TBP

TBP – Redefining what a pulse tool can do

The TBP Cordless Pulse Tool is a true game changer. It’s a battery powered, low reaction pulse tool with maximum flexibility and high torque. Thanks to the DuraPulse technology the tool uptime is increased and keeps it on the line instead of the tool crib. With TorqueBoost, active cooling and advanced motor steering, the torque build up is fast with reduced hours per production unit and the tool has high productivity. With the lowest vibration levels in the market, the TBP reduces operator fatigue and injuries.


  • DuraPulse technology with new sealing and air separator
  • High torque
  • Excellent ergonomics with low vibrations and reaction force
  • Cooling system to prevent the tool from over-heating
  • Easy to set up and assign Virtual Station with Power Focus 6000
  • Buffer battery
  • Dual antenna
  • Rapid Backup Unit (RBU) functionality


  • Increased uptime – up to 5 times
  • Reduces operator injuries and fatigue
  • One-handed operation
  • High performance
  • Less down-time in production

Tensor SRB Cordless Nutrunner

Powered by our new generation of batteries and chargers

Powered by a new battery generation from Atlas Copco, Tensor SRB Cordless Nutrunner delivers one-handed operation with accuracy, traceability and flexibility. The SRB reports wirelessly to the Power Focus 6000 system and takes full advantage of Virtual Stations, able to perform low reaction strategies as a Turbo Tight and Tensor Pulse, and traditional strategies as the two steps. The Tensor SRB is ideal for low toque application where the reaction force hits the operator wrist. It is light weight and has a great balance – ergonomically designed to prevent operator fatigue.


  • Slim design
  • All kind of strategies: Traditional and Low Reaction
  • One handed cable free
  • Operator feedback and battery status via LED indicator
  • A buffer battery makes battery swaps trouble free
  • Integrated indicator on the battery shows battery and health status
  • Dual antenna
  • Rapid Backup Unit (RBU) functionality


  • High productivity and accuracy
  • Fast tightening
  • Full traceability
  • Short tightening cycle
  • Easy to set up

Battery Pulse Tool TBP-S

Lowest vibration levels with longer service intervals for the middle segment

With the same hardware as the TBP but with a slimmer software version suited for quality critical tightenings, the TBP-S battery pulse tool is a robust yet slender solution for the middle segment. With a mix of productivity, ergonomics and error-proofing the TBP-S is proven to offer less maintenance and less down-time in production. Just like the TBP, the TBP-S shows the lowest vibration levels in the market. This means operator comfort and safety, reducing work related costs caused by fatigue and injuries.


  • Cordless battery tool • Hight torque
  • Less maintenance
  • Less need of spares and back-up tools
  • High-speed electric motor
  • Low vibration and no reaction forces
  • Long service intervals
  • Fast torque build-up


  • Operator comfort and safety
  • Less down-time in production
  • Long service duration