LMV Stall Type Angle Nutrunner

Engineered for performance and durability

This product is no longer available on the market. For replacement, spare parts and service, please contact the nearest Atlas Copco service center.

LMK Worm-drive Nutrunner

Reliable and robust tool for many various applications

LBR Ratchet Nutrunner

Unique accessibility in limited space applications

The LBR ratchet wrench is perfect for tightening and loosening applications where accessibility is critical. The ratchet head can reach spaces even with very low clearance. The tool comes with a reverse movement making it very efficient that require little or no adjustment at all.


  • Slim ratchet head
  • Small and robust
  • The tool can be turned upside down, to loosen


  • Unique accessibility
  • Versatile tool
  • Increased efficiency
  • Low maintenance

LTC Angle Nutrunner

For your challenging tightening applications

The tools in Atlas Copco’s broad range of pneumatic nutrunners offer a superior combination of power, speed and accuracy. LTC nutrunners are ideal for special applications where accessibility is critical. The “C” stands for Crowfoot, perfect for hard to reach joints. With their advanced ergonomic designs, they are also extremely user-friendly and will contribute to raising productivity in a wide range of applications in your assembly plant.


  • Low angle head height
  • Outstanding torque repeatability
  • High speed models
  • Low air consumption due to highly efficient motor design


  • High degree of accuracy
  • Easier access to narrow spaces
  • Unmatched durability that minimizes downtime
  • Long service life
  • Low noise level