The smart connected joint simulation bench

The new STbench represent the state of the art in real joint simulation. The joint simulation functionalities can replicate the real joint characteristics and guarantee tool testing in the real operating conditions without interfering with the production process. It features an improved high-resolution encoder and advanced electrical contact system to have the best torque and angle testing accuracy and stability. Equipped with LEDs on transducers and an intuitive touch screen interface, it guides the operator in the test. It is also possible to detect all the different steps of a multiple step tightening when connected to an external transducer. Thanks to its enhanced hydraulic technology the operation is faster than ever saving both operators’ time and fatigue.


  • Innovative curve breaking simulation
  • Standard and modular design
  • Optional tilting top or articulated arm
  • Wireless communication to IRC-Connect
  • Full integration in QA Platform 4.0
  • STpad or PC version
  • PF6000 auto calibration


  • Low calibration and maintenance cost
  • Reduced operator errors
  • Test all tools in line including tools fixed to reaction arms
  • No time lost to optimize the braking
  • Plug and play transducer connection without any configuration setting