Effective device programming

ToolsTalk BLM is a PC software package developed to manage programs and settings of the STwrench and STa 6000. It offers easy user-friendly programming and real time monitoring. With the ToolsTalk BLM you can create and edit the tightening programs in real time, off-line programming and create program back-up. It also allows full device configuration and receives the tightening results and traces. A smart Excel database for the STa 6000 results is featured by TT BLM software.


  • Full device control and programming
  • Real time or off-line Pset management
  • Pset back-up solution
  • Result traceability
  • Trace analysis and comparison
  • Wireless communication to STa 6000
  • Smart excel export


  • Easy installation
  • Program back-up for easy device rebalancing
  • No training cost
  • Complete joint analysis

QA Supervisor

The definitive Industry 4.0 Quality Management Software

QA Supervisor is an all-new server based software making the quality manager’s job easier. Every single detail of the plant structure can be defined and monitored in QA Supervisor. It manages and collects data from any quality inspections, from residual torque checks, tool check to non-torque related quality checks, like visual and dimension inspections. An ideal program for handling tools calibration status, the QA Supervisor keeps track of every change in the line setup, making any audit quick and effective. Thanks to its real time quality dashboard and advanced statistical analysis, any user keeps full control of the quality processes.


  • Traceability of any quality processes in production
  • Compliant to the latest International Quality Standards
  • Complete quality reporting
  • Innovative navigation system based
  • Keeps full traceability of any changes
  • Software «Spice level 2» automotive compliant
  • Embedded Atlas Copco Tool catalogue


  • Continuous quality processes improvement
  • Access from any device without any software installation cost
  • Immediate access to relevant data without loosing time
  • Real time alert
  • Reduced quality costs