MRTT-C Wrench

Modular, Ergonomic and Smart torque and angle manual wrench

The MRTT-C is a revolutionary way to think about a manual wrench. An advanced handle that can be connected to the standard smart-HEAD used for the STwrench to create a wrench that can be connected to the STa 6000 using a standard Atlas Copco cable. The MRTT-C connected to the STa 6000 can be used to detect the residual torque using the advanced Torque/Angle algorithm.


  • Torque or Torque/Angle reading depending to the smartHEAD
  • Standard smartHEAD fast connection
  • Integrated memory chip for calibration data storage
  • Compact dimensions for difficult access joint
  • Vibrating handle
  • TAG recognition
  • Suitable for both quality and production applications


  • Fast test setup
  • Clear operator feedback
  • Error proofing
  • Avoid set-up calibration errors
  • One product for both quality and production application
  • Saving maintenance and service cost


The ultimate all-purpose wrench

The Atlas Copco STwrench is much more than a standard transducerized hand-held nutrunner. Providing a whole new approach to manual assembly applications. Due to its modular design, you can build the STwrench to meet your exact requirements and create a tool that perfectly matches your applications. Use the STwrench for production to get full traceability of the entire tightening operation, including torque control, angle control and yield control. Or build your wrench to just tighten your joint with high torque accuracy. Or use it for quality control to check residual torque, to perform joint analysis, including joint behaviour and stiffness, to set the correct tightening parameters for production and to test the reproducibility of joint stiffness on the benches.


  • Unique 5 patents modular electronic torque wrench
  • Interchangeable end fittings for PSET selection
  • Optional advanced gyroscope for precise angle measurement
  • Full torque range
  • High capacity battery
  • Full integration with PF controller
  • Full integration with Toolsnet and SQS
  • Advanced wireless connectivity to STpad and STpalm


  • Lightweight and ergonomic all-purpose manual torque wrench
  • Modular and cost-effective – only invest in what you need
  • Easy to integrate, use, service and upgrade
  • Reliable, always up-to-date programming strategies and backup
  • Smart accessories for error proofing and traceability