Tool retractor and balancers

Weightless positioning –  Balancers hold the load and keep it weightless throughout the entire cable length.

Balancers – For easy access to the tools at your workstation, increased productivity and good ergonomics, choose Atlas Copco balancers. They are designed to reduce stress levels in the operator´s muscles and minimize fatigue.

Torque arms & tool positioning

Give your operators an extra arm!

Operator health is important! If your operators work with hand-held electric or pneumatic tools, the last thing you want is for their health to suffer. However light the tool, when an operator performs repetitive tasks daily, often with incorrect posture, the tool seems to grow heavier by the hour. Add torque reaction from the tightening process, and the result can be hand-arm-shoulder disorders that may lead to injury and even premature retirement. Atlas Copco torque arms are labour-saving extensions of Atlas Copco hand-held tools that ensure accurate tightening, and raise individual productivity in your plant. Available for torques of up to 1000Nm, these ingenious constructions are the perfect way to lighten the load when performing repetitive tasks on lines or benches