Ideal choice for fast and reaction-free one-hand tightenings.

The speed, reliability, and accuracy of ErgoPulse hydraulic impulse nutrunners, combined with the fact that they are comfortable to operate, make them suitable for continuous heavy production. Since there is no metal-to-metal impact in a pulse tool, it provides a softer, more controlled pulse with considerably less vibration and noise than an impact wrench.

A complete range
ErgoPulse impulse tools are available in straight and pistol grip, shut-off and non shut-off versions. The range covers torque from 2–900 Nm. The ErgoPulse principle – The heart of a pulse tool is the hydraulic pulse unit. Since the pulses are very short, there is almost no reaction force in the handle, only the much lower motor torque is transferred to the operator’s hand. In addition, there are less vibrations and noise than with an impact wrench. Combined with good balance and low weight the result is a tool that is very comfortable to operate.

ErgoPulse XS

ErgoPulse XS is the correct choice when the operator needs to control the process. The tools provide high torque, fast, accurate tightening and long service lifetimes. The twin chamber motor is designed to give high torque at low speed, which provides the best characteristics for fast, reliable and accurate tightening. Double or triple bladed pulse mechanisms.

The tools are equipped with pulse units with two or three blades. They employ the Atlas Copco patented cam-guided design to push out the blades, giving very high reliability. The pulse units have a high power-to-weight ratio, making the tools very powerful for their size. Torque is adjusted by regulating an artificial leak in the hydraulic circuit.

In ErgoPulse non shut-off tools the tool produces pulses until the operator releases the trigger. Preferred in applications where it is an advantage for the operator to be able to control the process by shutting off the tool manually.

ErgoPulse PTS/PTX

Atlas Copco shut-off pulse tools shut off the air supply when the pre-set torque is been reached. Operator influence is minimized and the result is increased accuracy and faster tightening.

Torque sensing system – In ErgoPulse PTS and PTX nutrunners torque is “sensed” by means of a rotatable inertial mass acting against an adjustable spring. The result is a highly accurate and easily adjustable shut-off system.

Pulse mechanism – The pulse mechanism has pistons for minimum weight and long service life. The design is based on cam-guided pistons and rollers and the pulse cylinder is oil-filled. The moving parts are thus completely immersed in oil, which ensures a long service life.

AUTOTRIM valve – PTS/PTX-AT tools are equipped with an automatic twostage trim valve. The tool runs down the screw with reduced free speed. After 1-2 pulses it shifts automatically to full power thus enabling both hard and soft joints to be tightened with excellent results without any adjustments. The PTS/PTX tools can also be used for reporting applications.

ErgoPulse PTI

Fast, operator friendly and with unprecedented uptime
The ErgoPulse PTI shut-off tool is the ideal choice if you are looking for a faster production line and high operator comfort. Reliable and a powerful shut-off pulse that automatically shuts off the air supply when the pre-set torque is reached. It has a dramatically increased service interval thanks to innovative solutions, keeping the tool on the line instead of the tool crib. All PTI models can be used as lubricant free, just like other ErgoPulse tools and can be adjusted between Trim and AutoTrim modes with just a quick turn of a screw.e