Explosion proof operation and steepless control for a smoother and safer lift.

Atlas Copco air hoists and trolleys are the industry benchmark for fast, precise and reliable lifting of heavy loads − even in cramped and sometimes hostile industrial environments. Compact and lightweight, they are easy to control, survive rough handling and provide heavyweight performance. Our air hoists and trolleys are ideal for lift applications in hazardous environments. All are certified Explosion-proof, to stringent European standards, in compliance with the EU ATEX Directive. Available in five sizes, they offer lift capacities from 250 kg to 5 tons. Hoists are certified to level Ex II 2 GD ck T5 IIC T100°C and trolleys are certified to Ex II 2 GD c T5 IIB T100°C.


LLA air hoists offer precise, step less speed control with excellent creep characteristics. They can operate continuously at maximum load with frequent start and stop cycles without risk of damage. The patented brake mechanism eliminates load sink when starting lifting, and automatically holds the load if the air supply fails. Small dimensions make LLA hoists easy to install and their low weight means they can easily be moved for maintenance or relocation purposes. All models in the range are delivered with lubrication free vanes and are all ATEX certified.

Precise and steeples speed control
With compact dimensions and proven performance in most applications the LLA Hoist will provide safe and fast lifting.


Explosion-proof trolleys for risk-free mobility.
The obvious solution to horizontal mobility is Atlas Copco’s TLT Trolleys. They are available in narrow or wide version, manual or motorized versions. The range consists of three sizes, 1000 kg, 3000 kg and 5000 kg, all Explosion proofed (ATEX certified). For the motorized versions the motor is delivered with lubrication free vanes.

The motorized trolleys are controlled either manually by a chain control or via a pendant control (with control buttons that controls the movement).

For detailed technical information on the products, please click/download our Hoist and Trolleys catalog here below.

In addition to the Trolleys we offer several options that can be ordered, control chain, pendant controls, hose kits, airline accessories for hoist and trolleys and more.