LSB38 Bevelling Tool

Cutting edge technology

The LSB38 is an excellent combination of power, design, durability and ergonomics for chamfering, deburring and giving radius edges to metal plates in mild steel and aluminium. Mills contours and cut outs in carbon steel and aluminum with adjustable depth control. Bevelling gives you a sound welded joint with optimum amount of weld in place for maximum strength or rounded edges for a perfect paint job.


  • Milling head made of special alloy to get best power to weight ratio
  • Powerful motor, equipped with speed governor
  • Carbide inserts with eight edges
  • Safety lever to avoid unintentional start
  • Built in spindle lock
  • Ergonomically designed support handle
  • Rear exhaust to direct air away from operator


  • Compact design gives controlled and comfortable operation
  • Long life time on carbide inserts
  • Rounded edges protects edge from chipping
  • Change guide bearing and carbide inserts with just one technology