P2505 PRO Engraving Pen

Light and compact tool to get the job done effortlessly

A convenient engraving pen with adjustable power, the P2505 Engraving Pen is capable of marking almost every surface and material, including glass, stone and metal. Used in every workshop it has a lightweight design with adjustable power assists easy handling the pen is delivered with a PVC hose. The tool is small yet durable and its needle with a carbide tip is easy to change for fast maintenance.


  • Adjustable power for easy handling
  • Low weight for operator comfort
  • The needle with the carbide tip is easy to replace for quick maintenance


  • Offers one-handed operation
  • Engrave your equipment for better overview
  • Easy and fast to use

RBB10 Bucking Bar

Perfect partner for your RRH riveting hammer

The RBB10 vibration damped bucking bar when combined with the RRH riveting hammer offers an unbeatable system for safe and effective riveting. The RBB10 uses a spring dampening element to reduce the vibrational impact, consequently the tool does not require an air supply to operate. The bucking bar dollies can be fitted with several different interchangeable bucking bars via a quick change retainer. Ideal for work in confined spaces the RBB10 bucking bar is available in several versions. Large and small.


  • Vibration damped
  • Flexible – can be fitted with several different interchangeable bucking bar configurations
  • Reaches most aerospace working areas
  • Bucking bar capacity is dependent on dolly weight


  • Reduced vibration related injuries
  • Reduces the risk for white fingers
  • Riveting made easy