Riveting Systems

Minimum vibration, maximum productivity.

Atlas Copco’s top-of-the-line riveting systems are designed to minimize the riveter’s exposure to vibration, while maintaining high tool performance. The RRH recoilless riveting hammer has an air cushion behind the hammer piston which efficiently kills vibrations. The same air dampening technique is used in RBB bucking bars. It raises individual productivity and boosts output in your plant. The Atlas Copco riveting system includes vibration-damped hammers RRH and bucking bars RBB – as well as conventional riveting hammers RRN. The vibration-damped riveting hammers – RRH – are available in different sizes. Each size is available in “Trigger start” and “Push to start” models. The conventional riveting hammer – RRN – is available in one size: RRN11P.

Bucking Bars

An efficient riveting system consists of vibration-damped bucking bars together with vibration-damped riveting hammers.

RBB10SA and RBB16SA feature a self-adjusting damping system which requires a compressed air supply. RBB04SP, RBB10SP and RBB16SP use a spring as damping element and consequently do not require an air supply.

The bucking bars can be fitted with several different interchangeable dolly configurations via a quick change retainer for maximum flexibility.

Mini bucking bars RBB04SP are ideal for work in confined spaces. The large mass types -04, -05 will in most applications set the rivet faster than the smaller models.

Riveting hammers

RRH is a unique series of riveting hammers
incorporating completely revolutionary
ergonomic advantages. RRH can easily cope with rivets in diameters up to 13 mm. The support hand grip is vibration-damped.

The RRH vibration-damped riveting hammer, combined with the RBB vibration damped bucking bar, offer an unbeatable system for riveting.

Now new models with trigger start for excellent handling. Pistol grip with rubber coating.

Conventional type
For riveting in confined spaces we recommend our RRN11 riveting hammer. RRN11 is the smallest riveting hammer available on the market, with unique accessibility. The RRN11 has a builtin adjustment knob with which you can set the power for different rivet materials and sizes. The trigger is easily operated and provides excellent control.