LSR64 Straight Grinder

Consistently powerful performance

Classic well-proven design that offers high performance is the hallmark of the LSR64 Straight Sander. The tool’s superior power and low maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for tougher applications. Designed with focus on maximum operator ergonomics and maximum productivity, the unit also features a speed governor and an extended grip to provide extra reach to tackle any challenge.


  • Powerful vane motor
  • Integrated speed governor
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Built-in silencer


  • High productivity and short process time
  • Optimum process speed
  • Durable and long service intervals
  • Increased operator comfort and safety
  • Low maintenance

LSF28 Straight Sander/Polisher

Best combination for maximum productivity

The LF28 Straight Sander is a low-speed die grinder intended for sanding and polishing applications. It is the perfect complement to ordinary angle sanders and polishers in hard to reach areas. The tool has a very high torque that provides high level of performance and enables to maintain the perfect process speed. Compared to any other tool of similar size the LSF28 gives more power, greater comfort and better control. The tool is designed with focus on operator ergonomics and maximum power that adds up to superior productivity.


  • Scatter damping
  • Polisher/sander with high torque
  • Superior power-to-weight ratio
  • Speed governor for optimal performance
  • Equipped with a silencer
  • Lubrication free motor


  • Maintain perfect process speed
  • Higher productivity with no increase in air consumption
  • Reduced noise level
  • Reduced risk of contamination of the work piece