SRTT-L is a family of transducers for the STanalyser. It is designed for lower torque assembly tools. Both transducers and test joints are exchangeable and can be used with any STanalyser. The modular design allows the user to scale his system as his needs evolve. The same SRTT-L plate can be used with any transducer in the SRTT-L family.

Tranducers used for QST, QMX and ETX nutrunner as well as for fixtured Tensor tool calibration. This transducer enables fast, easy set-up with highest system accuracy. By using the QRTT, no special test adaptation device between the spindle and the product itself is needed.

IRTT-B is the new generation of Atlas Copco torque and torque/angle in-line rotary transducers incorporating significant improvements in durability and accuracy. They can also work with pulse tools thanks to their revolutionary and unique solution for the slip ring and brush block. Also new is the angle reading system that uses a patent solution which gives better resolution and longer life. The mechanics have also been completely reviewed to achieve a higher level of durability.

SRTT-B – Stationary reaction torque transducer
Stationary reaction torque transducers are designed for testing wrenches, click wrenches or for tightening tools where rotary action is not desired during measurement. When testing a shut-off tool, a joint simulator is required as an accessory. The SRTT-B is the new generation of Atlas Copco stationary reaction torque transducers with improved durability thanks to their new mechanical design. The new patented system of fixing the joint simulator on top avoids any possible errors due to the play between the two devices. A complete range of accessories and a mechanical joint simulator enables you to test shut-off tools or wrenches with square drive output.

MRTT-B Screwdriver
MRTT-B is available in a screwdriver version for low torque applications from 0.1 to 15 Nm. The 15 Nm model has a precision reversible 1/4″ drive ratchet consisting of two needle clutches. Sliding bush to convert left and right tightening. The very low friction avoids dragging the screws on the return motion.

The MRTT-C is a revolutionary way to think about a manual wrench. The MRTT-C is an advanced handle that can be connected to the standard smart-HEAD used for the STwrench to create a wrench that can be connected to the STanalyser using a standard Atlas Copco cable. The MRTT-C connected to the STanalyser with Residual or Production RBU can be used to detect the residual torque using the advanced Torque/Angle algorithm, same as the STwrench, or to tight a bolt for production applications. Torque or Torque/Angle reading depending to the smartHEAD, led ri
ng like STwrench, vibrating handle, buzzer, TAG recognition, light in front.

The ACTA MT4 system provides fast, accurate and reliable measurement of critical parameters.