Tightening has never been so easy.

Practical and versatile screwdrivers/nutrunners to tighten every type of component efficiently and with minimum effort. They are extremely sturdy and reliable even in the most difficult working conditions. Their dimensions and features permit to advantageously use them on any type of material, with any kind of threaded element, even in areas with limited space or restricted access. The clutch adjustment is practical and fast and allows use on different type of screws.

Screwdrivers with external slip clutch adjustment

Tighten all, tighten rapidly
Ideal instruments to quickly and effectively solve any tightening need; they are useful when it is necessary to change screws and component to be assembled very often: they allow to quickly and repeatedly adjust the tightening torque to change the screw through the external cluch adjustment avoiding long operation of internal adjustment of the tool.

Straight Models

Pistol Models

Angle Models