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Desoutter Servicing & Repair

Desoutter is known for its servicing of a wide range of electric and pneumatic assembly tools, including electric screwdrivers, battery assembly tools, and pneumatic fastening tools. Founded in 1914, Desoutter is headquartered in France and their products and services are sold in over 170 countries. It is because of the company’s prestige that we are proud to offer Desoutter Servicing & Repair.

Pneumatic Fastening Tools for Aeronautics & Automotive

Desoutter’s pneumatic fastening tools include a range of screwdrivers, pulse tools, and fastening accessories for high productivity and comfort.

These include:

  • Screwdrivers shut-off in line
  • Screwdrivers shut-off pistol grip
  • Screwdrivers non shut-off inline
  • Screwdrivers non shut-off pistol grip
  • Screwdrivers direct drive
  • Screwdrivers automatic reverse
  • Screwdrivers torque controlled shut-off
  • Angle-head shut-off and non-shut off
  • Angle head – direct drive
  • Screwdrivers shut off HLT
  • Screwdrivers shut off FAS
  • Pulse tools

There are a number of models available for each type of pneumatic screwdriver to suit your different application needs.

Low-Voltage Electric Screwdrivers

Desoutter offers a large range of low-voltage electric screwdrivers with a torque range of 0.5-12, 0.5-8, and 0.5-2.0 respectively. Each type of screwdriver comes with a different start function varying from trigger start, lever start and remote start.

Desoutter Servicing

Servicing enhances production uptime and productivity leading to an increase in cost efficiency. Frequent servicing minimises rude interruptions such as stoppages and disruptions on the production line. It ensures that the tools maintain their high accuracy so that quality is maintained. It increases tool life and reduces frequent repair costs and maintenance.

We offer comprehensive servicing solutions for Desoutter pneumatic tools. Conducted by qualified engineers with years of experience, our servicing offers you more value with a quick turnaround, expert servicing, and hassle-free solutions.

With our expert Desoutter Servicing & Repair, you benefit from:

  • Reduced stoppages and breakdowns
  • Longer tool life
  • High and consistent tool accuracy
  • Quick servicing conducted by qualified engineers

We take the pain out of servicing. From the moment you contact us for servicing of your Desoutter pneumatic tool to the time our engineers are finished, you experience smooth and professional operations where your everyday routine is not disturbed.

Affordable solutions such as ours allow our customers to stay free from worry regarding the cost of maintaining their air tools. We take care of the servicing schedule so that you don’t need to remember when the servicing of a tool is due.

Repair of Desoutter Tools

Combining servicing with repair is vital to correct problems in tools and get them working efficiently again. If our engineers spot a problem in an air tool during servicing, they have the required equipment and spares to resolve it there and then. We conduct on-site repairs of Desoutter pneumatic tools and also carry out repair work at our workshop.

If a replacement is required, we use only the highest quality spares to ensure a continuation of uninterrupted high performance. Our repair services are available for all types and models of Desoutter pneumatic tools, guaranteeing durability that stands the test of time.

Our repair service offers you:

  • Quality, durable repairs that last
  • Qualified engineers with great experience
  • Quick repairs
  • Both on-site and workshop repairs
  • Courteous engineers that offer value

We also offer calibration services so that you have everything under one roof.

Our Engineers

The quality of servicing or repair depends heavily on the quality of the engineers. A tool may develop a problem that is difficult to detect by an inexperienced engineer in its early phases. Worse, an engineer may wrongly diagnose a problem and provide a solution that is not needed. That can lead to further problems in the tool and an increase in maintenance costs. Being in this industry for over 30 years, we understand the importance of having quality engineers.

This is why we have certified engineers who are thorough professionals, have an in-depth knowledge of each type of Desoutter pneumatic tool, and vast experience in service and repair. They expertly carry out any servicing and repair work, however difficult or detailed.

Total Air Tools Services

Total Air Tools specialises in the distribution, servicing, and repair of air tools and industrial electric tools. The company has been offering their expert services in the Midlands and the Southwest for over 30 years. Our company processes are designed for quick, quality work that offers value to our customers.

Our highly effective systems ensure that your tools stay free from problems and run at their best, offering precision while enhancing productivity and quality. You experience peace of mind, as we dedicate ourselves to keeping your business machinery up and performing brilliantly every day.

We guarantee a high-quality service that maximises the productivity of your air tools and increases their overall lifespan. Contact us for any repair and servicing needs and enjoy the highest quality of service.