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Delta Regis Servicing & Repair

Delta Regis is a well-known brand in torque controlled electric screwdrivers, torque arms, screw presenters, torque meters and accessories. It has been providing production assembly facilities with electric screwdrivers for over 15 years. Their screwdriver product line has grown massively in recent years and owes their growth to a large range of brushless electric screwdrivers.

Total Air Tools is the sole distributor of Delta Regis air tools in the UK, and offers expert servicing and repair services of Delta Regis air tools.

Electric Screwdrivers

Offering a variety of electric screwdrivers to suit different customer needs, Delta Regis’ brushless motor screwdrivers have become the new standard. These screwdrivers have improved features and include the benefit of their 32VDC brush motor tools. All their tools have an externally adjustable torque setting.

Offering two series in cordless brushless screwdrivers, you enjoy features such as a precision shut-off clutch, and high-performance lithium ion batteries in both the series. In their premium brushless series, there are 12 V, 32V and 40V Premium Brushless Series available.

Premium Brushless Series

Delta Regis premium brushless series includes the following screwdrivers:

12V Brushless DC Electric Screwdrivers – offer low torque repeatability for accurate installation of small screws. Its motor ensures durability and is easy to maintain. For optimal repeatability and less heat at the joint, a low-speed version of each model is available. These mini brushless screwdrivers come with ESD safe housing, torque lock sleeves and 2M cable. A number of models of the 12V series are available.
32V Brushless DC Electric Screwdrivers – provide precision, ergonomics, performance and are environmentally friendly. These screwdrivers do not produce carbon dust that is associated with conventional DC motors, which makes them easy to maintain. A selection of controllers are available to provide Hi/Lo speed, Slow Start, Output Signals, and Run-down Verification.
40V High Torque In-Line Brushless DC Electric Screwdrivers – combine higher torque capabilities. There are a variety of models available in this category with torque ranges of up to 25 Nm and precision shut-off clutch for consistent torque repeatability.

Along with these, Delta Regis also offers these categories of screwdrivers:

  • 10.8V Cordless Brushless Series
  • 18V Cordless Brushless Series
  • 32V and 40V Right Angle Drivers
  • 32V Standard Brush Series
  • 120V Direct Plug-in, Shut-off Clutch
  • 220V Direct Plug-in, Shut-off Clutch
  • 120V Direct Plug-in, Slip Clutch

Each category has a wide range of models to suit your requirements. All Delta Regis air tools are high performing, quality built tools that provide reliable performance over years of use.

Servicing of Delta Regis Air Tools

We offer bespoke servicing of Delta Regis air tools conducted by highly qualified engineers. Our different servicing packages are designed according to the type of Delta Regis tool you own, its usage and age. By frequently conducted servicing, your tool functions at its optimal level without interruptions.

Our expertise in servicing results in:

  • in-depth servicing by qualified, experienced engineers
  • Quick servicing that doesn’t affect your daily routine
  • High value and affordability

Maintaining business machinery needs to be hassle-free. We ensure that you spend as little time as possible when performing Delta Regis Servicing & Repairs. Our processes are created to make servicing easy for you so that you can devote more time to important business operations.

With us, you experience peace of mind while we quickly and quietly service your air tools whenever it is due.

Repair of Delta Regis Air Tools

Even the toughest machines need repairs from time to time. Delta Regis air tools are designed for durability and performance, but as a tool ages, problems may crop up only if due to wear and tear. Our repair service of Delta Regis air tools is known for the results it achieves. The vast experience of our engineers helps them to accurately diagnose problems and provide a durable solution that lasts.

You’ll find our engineers courteous and highly efficient, expertly working on the problem and resolving it quickly. They carry with them commonly replaced parts so that if replacement is required, they have the right spare with them, there and then.

When you use our repair services, you benefit from:

  • Highly skilled engineers
  • Durable repair of quality
  • Quick service
  • Courteous and friendly interactions from our team
  • Fast and reliable outcome

Experience the luxury of a quality service that takes care of all your servicing and repair needs expertly.

We Care For Our Customers

For over 30 years, Total Air Tools has been offering value, care, and protection to our customers. All our processes are aimed towards customer satisfaction where we provide quality at every point of contact. We protect our customers from rude surprises such as downtime and breakdowns by ensuring that their air tools continue to function smoothly and optimally at all times. Try our servicing and repair of Delta Regis tools and stay free from the worry of maintaining your business tools.