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Delvo Servicing & Repair

Nitto Kohki is a global company offering world-class innovation with their high-quality screwdrivers. Nitto Kohki’s “Delvo” creates electric screwdrivers with precision torque control and reliability. These screwdrivers are widely used for assembling electronic devices due to their high precision torque to tighten small screws. By offering constant quality due to their high precision and durability, Delvo screwdrivers are used by businesses worldwide.

Superior Quality Screwdrivers

Delvo screwdrivers offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Repeatable accuracy that helps with consistent torque
  • Reduced recoil due to sophisticated clutches and a motor braking system
  • Brushless motors eliminate the need of replacement of brushes for longer tool life
  • Faster motor speed reduces time in screw tightening and improves productivity
  • Quieter operation

Delvo screwdrivers are available in a wide variety of torque and speeds.

Brushless Delvo S Series

These are high precision screwdrivers offering a solution to speed up the time spent fastening screws. They have a variable screw fastening speed control function. A dedicated controller is not required for these screwdrivers.

Brushless Delvo A Series

There are 12 models in this series. These screwdriver’s torque ranges from 0.4 to 7.0 Nm. They offer different rotation speeds and starting systems. The A series also offers automatic electric screwdrivers.

Brushless Devlo C Series

Featuring four fastening settings, these screwdrivers are perfect for multiple user needs, as the settings can be programmed on the screwdriver.

DLV7100/7200/8100/8200 Series

Delvo offers a wide range of screwdrivers, including transformerless space saving models that have a built-in automatic stop circuit.

Also, more electric screwdrivers featuring ESD, brushless motors, transformerless high speeds and high torque are available from Delvo.

Servicing of Delvo Screwdrivers

We offer specialised servicing of Delvo screwdrivers of all models. To maintain consistent accuracy in a screwdriver, frequent servicing of the tool becomes necessary. Even though it may seem a bother to get a tool serviced regularly, it is essential to maintain high precision and smooth operation. Maintaining an air tool is also cost-effective in the long-run, as regular servicing minimises the occurrence of problems that may deteriorate the quality of the end product.

Our bespoke servicing packages for Delvo screwdrivers are created according to the specific age, frequency of use, and model of the screwdriver. We establish the best and the most cost-effective servicing cycle for your Delvo air tools so that you enjoy a perfectly performing tool and consistent quality without upsetting your budget.

Repair of Delvo Screwdrivers

Our repair services of Delvo screwdrivers keep you free from worry. If your tool is not performing optimally and you detect inaccuracies, we offer fast, expert repair services at your doorstep. We are quick to respond to repair calls and make sure that your tool begins to work perfectly as soon as possible. Our workshop has all the commonly-replaced parts that help us to quickly offer a replacement if needed.

Repairs conducted by qualified engineers offer quality, which is essential for maintaining high and consistent precision in a screwdriver. Being a part of this industry for over 30 years, we understand the importance of a quality and successful repair. Our engineers are highly qualified and have a deep knowledge of the functions of all Delvo screwdrivers. That makes the difference in the quality of their repair work. Every repair conducted by our qualified repair engineers will leave your tool working perfectly at its optimal best.

Qualified Engineers

We have in-house specialists for the servicing and repair of a wide variety of pneumatic tools and industrial electric tools. In our line of work, the quality of our engineers directly impacts the quality of our work. Committed to quality, Total Air Tools provides the highest quality servicing and repairs that offer optimal tool performance and an increased tool lifespan.  

Our engineers are not only skilled but have a thorough knowledge of the make and function of each type of Delvo screwdriver. They have years of experience in servicing and repairing a wide variety of electric screwdrivers, pneumatic tools, and other industrial electric tools.

Specialists in Tool Maintenance

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Total Air Tools specialises in the distribution and maintenance of air tools and electric tools. We are a customer-centric company that offers quality and value to our customers every step of the way. Our procedures are geared to provide you with the highest quality servicing and repair of your business tools, all to an industry-leading standard. We offer the benefit of qualified engineers and excellent staff in house that can provide quick support to all your tool maintenance needs. Combining value and quality, Total Air Tools is the service you can trust for your air tools.