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Kolver Servicing & Repair

Kolver is a global company founded in 1989 in Italy that offers the highest quality tools in more than 30 countries. They pride themselves on their product innovation, respect for the environment, and fast, accurate service. Offering a wide range of electric torque screwdrivers, torque tools, and more electric power tools, Kolver is ISO 9001 certified and offers quality products that are durable and high performing.

K-DUCER Screwdrivers

Kolver’s new K-DUCER product line offers electric screwdrivers with a built-in transducer. These screwdrivers feature the new high-precision transducerised tightening system from Kolver. The system includes a state-of-the-art controller and comes in a range of handheld and fixtured electric screwdrivers with a torque of up to 133 in.lbs.

FAB Series Screwdrivers

Their FAB screwdrivers are most popular in the electronics industry, being lightweight, compact and powerful. They display the best performance to weight ratio in the market, have unmatched torque accuracy and advanced ergonomics. All FAB screwdriver models of Kolver are ESD either with lever or push start. A wide variety of models are available in this category to suit different application needs.

RAF Series Screwdrivers

Using the latest technology in torque control, these screwdrivers offer high performance and accuracy. They have an innovative body design to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and prevent electrostatic discharge. Various models with a range of torque, speed and start options help you to choose the right screwdriver for your needs.

Pluto, Mito & Nato Series Screwdrivers

Pluto screwdrivers are excellent screwdrivers that can reach 442 in/lbs with repeatability of +/-5% with a unique electronic torque control system. With prices equal to other older air tools, these revolutionary screwdrivers are available with a pistol, inline and fixture mount style for manual or automated applications up to M6. They are available in SR version PLUTO20CA (177 in/lbs), PLUTO35CA (310 in/lbs) and PLUTO50CA (442 in/lbs) with start and reverse buttons and an aluminium body.

Brushless Series Screwdrivers

These new KBL mechanical clutch screwdrivers have high-quality Swiss brushless motors, have zero emission of coal dust and other pollutants, and guarantee accuracy of ±7% or better. They are extremely lightweight and small, have low noise levels, minimum vibrations with magnetic start and clutch switches. All KBL drivers come standard with ESD-safe body, 2.5 m connection cable and suspension bail. KBL.FR/S sends torque error and lever signals, and receives remote start and reverse input.

Angle Screwdrivers and Nutrunners

Kolver offers high-quality angle screwdrivers and nutrunnners that have low noise and vibration even at a high torque level. All their pneumatic screwdrivers are high performing and durable, offering high accuracy. Their PLUTO angle nutrunners have fully electronic torque control systems and automatically shut off when the preset torque value is reached. They are lightweight, have very low noise levels and are available in a wide range of torque options.

Servicing of Kolver Tools

We offer in-depth and thorough servicing of all types and models of Kolver tools. Our quality service ensures servicing is conducted meticulously so that your tool keeps functioning at its optimal level. We have in-house qualified engineers of experience that can guarantee superior servicing of air tools. Their in-depth knowledge helps in servicing each type of tool perfectly and quickly for maximum productivity, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Our servicing of tools results in:

  • Optimal performance
  • Lower maintenance costs due to repeated repairs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Maximum accuracy

A tool that functions at its optimal best with high accuracy and performance adds to the quality of processes, minimising defects and errors in the end product. It also enhances operator comfort, which increases productivity and prevents problems from occurring.

Repair of Kolver Tools

Our repair service offers high quality and durability. Whether a repair or replacement is needed, our repair engineers make sure that the repaired part does not in any way reduce the productivity of the tool. In cases where our engineers see that a replacement is a better option than repair, they suggest a suitable replacement specifically for you. We only conduct a replacement when we are sure that even after the repair there might occur repeated problems in the tool or that a replacement is a more cost-effective way to maintain productivity in a tool.

Superior Servicing & Repair

Total Air Tools takes pride in quality work that offers value to customers. With over 30 years of service in this industry, we have conducted numerous servicing and repairs on a variety of Kolver pneumatic and electric tools to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our customer-centric procedures are geared to offer you maximum value at every point of contact. With a dedication to quality, Total Air Tools combines value with exceptional customer support. Experience quality and care that brings peace of mind, experience Total Air Tools. Contact us today to solve your servicing and repair needs.