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ATA is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision engineering products, including industrial air tools, both bespoke and standard. They have an extensive portfolio of industrial air tools that includes a wide range of grinders and sanders. Their superior products maximise productivity and efficiency while maintaining safety in the workplace. Their range of industrial air tools include pencil grinders, die grinders, angle grinders and sanders.

Die Grinders

Used for a wide range of applications from grinding to finishing, ATA die grinders have an excellent power to weight ratio. They offer 5 product lines of straight body die grinders that are cross-functional in many industries. In this range, they offer high speed die grinders, high power die grinders, low vibration die grinders, and extended body die grinders.

Pencil Grinders

For more than 45 years, ATA has been designing, manufacturing and supplying pencil grinders of the highest quality. The three types of pencil grinders on offer are:

  1. SPM Line slim body for intricate applications
  2. ST100 high-speed and oil-free pencil grinders for fine finishing and precise control
  3. SPT Line that features an air propulsion motor and is fitted with a slim design turbine for operator comfort.

Angle Grinders

Perfect for heavy-duty applications that need quick stock removal, ATA industrial angle grinders feature high power air motors. Their range of angle grinders is designed for performance and operator comfort. The three types of angle grinders offered by ATA are:

  1. RA12M Line – These are versatile grinders and suitable for a wide range of application in a variety of industries.
  2. RA14 Line – They offer an optional dynamic auto-balancer, ergonomic side handle and a specific exhaust. These angle grinders have low vibration and noise levels and are suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications.
  3. Large Angle Grinders – These grinders have a high power air motor and are perfect for heavy-duty applications.


ATA’s sanders are used in blending and finishing, have a compact body and head, and offer comfortable handling. In this category, ATA offers two types of sanders. These are:

  1. Small Angle Sanders – Available from 12,000 to 20,000 RPM, these sanders are thoughtfully designed to offer maximum comfort in handling and easy access. They allow quick change discs, are highly reliable with minimum maintenance needed.
  2. Low-Speed Sanders – Available from 5,000 RPM, these low-speed sanders are designed to lower overheating and sparking on materials such as titanium. Their high torque allows efficient cutting at low speed.

Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are suitable for a variety of applications. Their ergonomic design also enhances operator safety and comfort. They have interchangeable belt arms for a wide range of belts. ATA offers two types of belt sanders:

  1. RALM20L offers versatility due to their interchangeable belt arm design. They are ideal for light sanding and blending.
  2. BL16L also has an interchangeable belt arm design and adjustable head that improves access, comfort and control.

Servicing of ATA Industrial Air Tools

We offer expert servicing of all the types and models of ATA industrial air tools. In-depth servicing is conducted by our qualified and experienced engineers who have knowledge of the functionality of each ATA tool. Since they routinely carry out servicing on a variety of ATA air tools, they are skilled in quickly conducting a thorough servicing.

A thorough servicing conducted by specialists provides a number of benefits such as enhanced tool performance, a longer lifespan for the tool and reduced maintenance costs. A perfectly operating tool results in superior quality in the end product, and maximum comfort and safety for the operator.

Repair of ATA Industrial Air Tools

Even a tool of the highest quality may face problems due to constant usage over long periods. ATA industrial air tools are superior quality tools but may develop problems if only due to wear and tear. For any minor or major issue with an ATA air tool, we offer reliable repair services conducted by specialists. Our repair engineers have unmatched skill in diagnosing problems accurately. Since they have a deep understanding of the tools and how they function, they quickly spot the problem and resolve it in no time.

Our engineers carry commonly replaced parts with them so that they can get your tool to work optimally as soon as possible. Every spare we use is of the highest quality, offering maximum durability.

Quality with Quick Service

Total Air Tools stands by their customers, offering them quality in the repair and servicing of all types and models of ATA industrial air tools. We have qualified engineers with years of experience who conduct every servicing and repair with professionalism. Our services have been benefitting our customers for over 30 years. For any servicing or repair needs regarding your ATA industrial air tool, contact us today.