The New Atlas Copco LSV39 Angle Grinder

The 39-series is truly meeting with popular demand, giving you new opportunities in rough grinding, de-burring and sanding in cramped, narrow spaces. The new, extra durable angle gear is nearly maintenance free, ensuring you many years of excellent function. Atlas Copco’s LSV 39 provides 50% higher output than many other grinders on the market, and is the most powerful grinder in it’s size. Good ergonomics characterizes the 39-series. To help reduce operator stress and fatigue further, we have
standardized on the usage of an Autobalancer on our grinder.

A grinder that re-writes the industry standards

We made the impossible possible and designed the most powerful vane grinder for it size on the market. With the incredible 1800W, in a small size, we are stepping up the game and allowing our customers to be even more productive. Whatever your requirements – you’ll find your next tool in the 39-series.