Delta Regis 32v Standard Shut-Off Screwdrivers

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32v-standard-shut-off-screwdriverWhy is Total so successful with the Delta Regis range of drivers? After years of selling various ranges of electric drivers we have found that Delta allows us to sell the right tool for every application.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count, for instance look at every tool catalogue advertising a tool in a torque arm and you will see the tool mounted halfway up its body negating the ergonomics of the tool. Delta has developed the torque-locking sleeve; it started as a black plastic sleeve with one purpose, to stop the operator messing around with the set torque. This served its purpose but the sleeve had to removed to see the torque scale that is marked on the tool. The sleeve is now produced in clear plastic and also in aluminium so that the tool can be mounted on the sleeve which maintains the tools ergonomics when mounted in an arm.

The 32v brushless range can be used with a standard controller or you can upgrade the controller and use count verify controller which offers batch count and input/output interface.

To summarise, There are many brands of drivers in the market place, but not one manufacturer can offer the competitive price along with the range and the service that Delta Regis drivers do. To view our whole range of Delta Regis tools, click here.