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Fiam Servicing & Repair

Fiam designs and manufactures pneumatic; electric and DC screwdrivers; and automatic solutions for assembly, air motors and pneumatic tools. For more than 60 years, Fiam has been offering solutions for production needs. Fiam offers simple solutions that are equipped with semi-automatic or automatic screw feeding up to completely automated assembly systems.

Total Air Tools is the sole UK distributor for Fiam air tools, and offers servicing and repair of Fiam air tools of all makes and models.

Industrial Air Motors

Fiam’s industrial air motors are compact, reliable and high performing. They are available in both reversible and non-reversible versions with powers from 100 to 800 watt. These motors are used for mixing liquids, drilling, milling, grinding, sawing, moving, etc. They can also be installed on conveyor belts, machine tools and automatic feed devices.

Air Drills and Tappers

With excellent power to weight ratio, Fiam’s air drills come in a variety of models – straight, pistol or angle grip. They are perfect to drill holes from 1 to 20 mm diameter. They have reduced noise levels, less weight and have anti-slip insulated grip.

Likewise,  air tappers produce excellent power and are perfect for diameters from 4 to 22 mm. They are available in straight and pistol models.

Air Grinders and Sanders

Offering power, flexibility and safety, their air grinders and sanders are sturdy and need minimum maintenance. They are compact, light and are suitable for different applications. The presence of a safety lever helps avoid an accidental start.

Air Nutrunner Motors

Known for accuracy and reliability, Fiam’s air nutrunner motors offer a superior level of performance. They are specifically created for industrial automation where they are used in single or multiple-spindle, manual or fixture tightening units.

These motors are sturdy and perform consistently for a long duration of time even when they are used in tough, heavy-duty conditions. Air nutrunner motors can be installed in automatic assembly lines, rotary table machines, multi-spindle tightening units, and fastening slides.

Air Screwdrivers with Semi-Automatic Screw Loading

These are manual air screwdrivers that come equipped with a funnel where the screw is loaded and held firmly by the jaws in the screwdriver. After loading the screw, it can be driven in any direction without the operator needing to hold the screw. These air screwdrivers can be used for screws of different diameters and lengths, and suits a wide variety of applications.

Other Air Tools

Fiam offers more air tools such as air inserting tools for electric connectors, air marking pens, air tools for cutting and finishing, and much more. Their air tools are known for safety, reliability and quality, offering maximum productivity and performance.

Servicing of Fiam Air Tools

Total Air Tools provides expert servicing of Fiam air tools of all types and models. Our service engineers are certified professionals who have years of experience in conducting comprehensive services of Fiam tools. We offer quick, no-fuss service to cause as little disturbance as possible to your daily routine.

Our servicing offers you these benefits:

  • Thorough servicing conducted by experts
  • Quick and hassle-free servicing
  • Fast responses
  • Reliable services that offer value

Our engineers and support team makes servicing of air and electric tools simple and quick. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Total Air Tools has been providing consistent excellence to customers in the UK. Our different servicing packages are designed to keep your Fiam tools working at their best, all year round.

Repair of Fiam Air Tools

Along with servicing, we also offer repair services for Fiam tools. You will find our repair services to be durable and quick. We respond fast to any repair call because we know that going without a tool even for a day affects your business’ productivity. Our repair engineers are experts in diagnosing problems accurately, their experience helps them to quickly spot the problem and implement a durable solution.

With our expert repair services, you receive:

  • Durable repairs that last
  • Accurate diagnosis and quick repair
  • High-quality replacements
  • Fast response to your repair call
  • Polite and courteous engineers

If replacements are needed, we ensure to only use the highest quality spares. Our engineers ensure that you can continue with business as usual while we complete the repair quickly, causing as little disturbance as possible.

Reliable Service at Your Doorstep

Taking away the hassle from servicing and repair of Fiam tools, Total Air Tools offers you a reliable service that has proven to work time and time again. At every step in a repair or service, we go the extra mile to achieve the perfect results. Our engineers are qualified professionals with experience in delivering excellent results in both repair and servicing.

We guarantee a high-quality service that maximises the productivity of your air tools and increases their overall lifespan. Call us on 01926 857193 for any Fiam tools repair and servicing needs and enjoy the highest quality of service.