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Chicago Pneumatic is a global service that offers pneumatic and electric tools for a wide range of applications. Their pneumatic tools range includes more than 500 products, including impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, drills, grinders, sanders, and much more. Their cordless & electric tools range is just as extensive with a wide range of impact wrenches, cordless grinders, and electric polishers which offer performance, comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

Impact and Ratchet Wrenches

CP’s impact wrenches use the latest technology and materials such as composite housing or steel housing for the toughest materials. Their impact wrenches have different clutches and provide impact from 3/8” to 2½” square drive sizes.

They offer a wide range of powerful ratchet wrenches from ¼’ to ½“ square drive. They are small in size and lightweight, and useful in tight or cumbersome applications.


Chicago Pneumatics have a large range of screwdrivers that offer high productivity, accuracy and durability. These screwdrivers are robust, durable and designed for ease of use. They come in five types of clutches – cushion, shut-off, impact, positive and direct drive – for maximum operator comfort.


These drills come with a drilling capacity from 6mm to 50 mm, have various speeds and power, and are designed for both smooth and tough operations. CP offers straight, angle and pistol drills. All their drills offer durability, a compact design, precision, and are available with a wide variety of features.


Their range of grinders includes pencil grinders, die grinders and angle grinders from 50mm up to 180mm. The following four types of grinders are on offer:

  • Angle grinders
  • Die grinders
  • Vertical grinders
  • Wheel straight grinders


A complete range of sanders and polishers are available, including rotary sanders, belt sanders, orbital sanders, pistol sanders, and polishers. These sanders are designed for operator comfort and improved productivity. A variety of different models are available under each type to suit different applications.


These are highly durable and low maintenance pneumatic nutrunners. There are CP66 Series and BlueTork Nutrunners available from CP in this category.

Percussive Tools

Their percussive tools are designed for the toughest applications while being powerful, compact and lightweight. Many of the models have a unique vibration dampening body that offers maximum safety to the operator. Their range of percussive tools includes industrial chipping hammers, weld flux chippers, needle scalers, and long reach scalers. Their hammers, scalers and chippers are available in a wide variety of models to suit different applications.

Other Pneumatic and Industrial Electric Tools

CP offers a large variety of saws, high-speed cutter, shears, blow guns and various other cutting tools. They also offer torque wrenches, tri hold backup wrenches, pneumatic pumps, cordless impact wrenches, and drills. Their extensive range of pneumatic and industrial electric tools offers customers all the choices in features and specifications they need.

Servicing of Chicago Pneumatic Tools

We at Total Air Tools offer extensive servicing for many of CP’s pneumatic and industrial electric tools. Conducting thorough servicing by experienced engineers allows us to ensure that your tools work optimally and smoothly at all times. We have a variety of servicing packages to suit different needs. Depending upon the age, usage and type of tool, the servicing cycle varies. We establish the best servicing cycle for the tool that is cost-effective and maintains maximum productivity and precision in the tool.

Our engineers are highly qualified with knowledge of all air and electric tools. Offering quick and thorough servicing, we ensure that the servicing does not affect your daily routine at all. Our engineers carry with them all necessary equipment and conduct their work with minimum fuss, offering you quality servicing that keeps your tools in top shape.

Repair of Chicago Pneumatic Tools

Even though CP creates high quality, durable tools, problems can occur in a tool as it ages. You need not worry if your tool isn’t working as it should. We are quick to respond to repair calls and make sure that your tool is repaired flawlessly in no time. Our engineers are quick to diagnose problems in a tool, which makes fixing it simple. With quick and hassle-free repair at your doorstep, you never dread problems with your air and electric tools again.

CP Servicing & Repair

We care for our customers in many ways – from quickly responding to queries, carrying spares for a quick repair, reminding you of servicing when it’s due and offering maximum value in all of our work. Our unwavering commitment to our customers has led us to where we are today. We invite you to try our services that offer value and effortless maintenance every step of the way. Contact us today for any CP servicing or repair needs.